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I recently sat in on a webinar by Mike Volpe over at Hubsopt . He talked about an important part of Internet marketing that a lot of us don’t do… web site traffic analysis. Many small business owners take the time to watch their stats, but do you ever really compare the numbers to see how it all stacks up?

The main things to track are…

  • number of visitors
  • repeat visitors
  • new visitors
  • leads
  • sales

Put all of this into a spreadsheet and measure the following…

  • conversion rate (leads to visitors)
  • lead conversion rate (sales from leads to number of leads)
  • cost per lead
  • cost per sale

Add a graph to your web site traffic analysis workbook and you have an analysis-at-a-glance!

Don’t forget to keep track of events or activities you’ve had that could have an effect on your web traffic analysis. I like to watch what keywords people used to find my site or blog as well, but that’s another topic.

This is one of those things you’ll want to schedule on your calendar periodically so you don’t forget it!

Google Analytics is a great tool you can use free. If you don’t have a Google account, I highly recommend you get one and take advantage of all the free tools they have to offer.

If you prefer to let someone else do the work, check out Hubspot’s Internet marketing software. It includes a lot more than just web site traffic analysis.

Thanks for the webinar, Hubspot!

  • I am using this web stats for my webpages:


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