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Are you using Twitter for business? The micro-blogging platform has come a long way since I first wrote about their new Twitter 101 guide in 2009!

The platform is not just good for the ease of reaching out with a quick message to your followers, but it’s also great for seeing what’s trending in your market place, connecting with potential partners, generating excitement about a new product or service and gauging engagement before launch, building relationships with influencers and much more.

According to Research Now “Customer Insights Study” of 2016, 94% of users surveyed plan to purchase from the Small Businesses they follow. Wow, that’s huge! I’ve had a profile there for many years but haven’t used it often but if that’s the case I think it’s worth giving it a shot to increase brand awareness.

If you aren’t already using Twitter consistently or you want to step up your activity like me you can go through their basic guide to make sure you aren’t missing any of the features. It will also give you some tips on building an audience, post ideas, and how to track your results.

Check out their blog that will give you more seasonal ideas and tips to keep you on track consistently.

And of course, don’t forget you can create ad campaigns to all of those followers who are ready and waiting to buy!

A few guides to help you get tweeting

The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter – Mashable

This beginner’s guide explains what Twitter is, the registration process, the basics of how it works, what hashtags are and how to use them. It’s very basic so it’s just what it says, for beginners.

Twitter Strategy Guide – Buffer

14 Twitter Tips to Take Your Tweeting to the Next Level. This guide from Buffer explains how it works, how to create a Twitter strategy, and some tips on how to use some features. They have a lot of other articles to help you make the most of this platform.

Put this information to use to help you create a power house Twitter business account, build your brand and keep in touch with your customers and potential customers!

If you know of any other advanced user guides for Twitter feel free to link to them in the comments.

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