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UPDATED June 2022

During this time of tightening our budgets to get through all the supply shortages and inflation, I thought it would be a good time to revisit this topic. I ran across this free eBook years ago but the information is timeless. It’s called “THRIVING ON LESS: Simplifying in a Tough Economy” by Leo Babauta. It was written as a companion to his book “The Power of Less”.

It is literally FULL of no nonsense advice on creating a simple lifestyle and tips on frugality. I read it beginning to end and it really is a great read as well as a good resource guide if you’re looking to escape consumerism and learn how to live with “enough”, as Leo puts it. Decide for yourself. Below is the TOC and a link if you’re interested.

These ideas can of course be applied to our businesses even when economies are thriving.

Table of Contents

1. A Simple Lifestyle
2. Focus on the Essentials
3. Thriving on Less, Not Struggling
4. Focusing on Enough, Not More
5. Make Small Financial Changes First
6. Look at Large Expenses for the Long Term
7. Changing Your Spending Habits
8. A Guide to Getting Out of Debt
9. Tools for a Frugal Life
10. Resources

THRIVING ON LESS: Simplifying in a Tough Economy

Now you have some reading material for the weekend. I know, as if you didn’t have enough already but I promise it’s a quick and interesting read at only 27 pages and well worth your time.

P.S. Thank you for sharing, Leo!!

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