Peace of Mind for Your WordPress Website

Say goodbye to manual updates, or even worse, stressful downtime and costly fees for malware cleanups! 

Rest assured that your website is safe for your customers  to use and performing in a way that allows them to do so without waiting what may seem like forever for pages to load, finding links that go nowhere, or pages that don't work right.

Stress-Free WordPress Security Plan

WordPress is the most flexible website solution on the market, but it comes with the need to keep the software up to date and running smoothly. You have other priorities that keep you from giving it the attention it needs. I get it!

Most website care plans come with extra coverage for content updates and other services you may not actually need or use as often as you thought you would. That's why I created this WordPress Security Maintenance only plan. It's cost effective and covers all the most urgent needs!

Weekly Software Updates

Rest easy knowing that WordPress core files and plugins are up to date.

Reliable Daily Backups

If something goes horribly wrong with your website, it can be restored within minutes.

Security Monitoring

Let malware scares be a thing of the past with proactive scans to reveal issues early.

Top Performance

Performance reports will indicate areas for improvement so pages load quickly.

Goodbye Broken Links

I'll let you know as soon as I locate any links not working so we can get those fixed asap.

Pages Load Correctly

Checking the most important pages on a regular basis will reveal unreported issues.



Billed Quarterly (175€)

  • Daily Uptime Monitoring
  • Daily Website Backups
  • Weekly Software Updates
  • Weekly Security Scans
  • Weekly Broken Link Scan
  • Emergency Restorations
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Monthly Status Report

Helping Busy Content Creators Achieve Peace of Mind With Their WordPress Websites

Kirsten de Greling-Visman

Expat Coach

Your security updates for my website are so helpful! I don’t need to worry about my website being attacked by hackers and when I have emergencies the situation is resolved without adding stress to my already busy day. It’s truly worth the money!

Competent and a pleasure to work with, Melanie has helped me bring up a web site, maintain that site, and ran my stay-in-contact program. You can’t go wrong with Melanie.

Ira S. Miller

Executive Mentor


How do the payments work?

You will be billed the first payment immediately and automatically every 30 days. Payments are non-refundable but you may cancel at any time.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Major credit cards and debit cards are accepted through PayPal or Stripe. Wire transfers can be arranged.

What are your working hours?

I work 9am-6pm (CET/ Paris), Monday through Friday. The support desk is open for submissions throughout the week and weekend.

What if my website already has issues to deal with?

I will run a few tests on your website to look for any potential issues before we start working together, but if you know of existing problems letting me know that upfront will allow me to address that specifically.

What if I need other help with my website?

Project work can be arranged if you need content updates or to add more functionality or pages to your website. As a WordPress Security Maintenance customer, you will have access to other WordPress services at a 5% discount.

How do we get started?

Here’s what you can do: Head on over to our New Client Application page  to submit your website for a review. I need to be sure it's a website I can take on considering it's current status and my current work load.

WordPress is my specialty!

Over the past 17 years I have created and serviced many WordPress websites and that includes troubleshooting and repairing those that are often neglected, ones infected with viruses and malware, and ones performing poorly.

I know the value of keeping a website in tip top shape and I understand the value of it to my clients and their customers!

peace of mind.

Let me take these important tasks off your hands.