The Secret of Achieving the Best Possible Business Website

Trusted by 43% website owners in 2022, WordPress offers the most flexibility with functionality and you can build and manage your website without having to learn complicated code.  With that said, having outside support is essential for your business to grow.

WordPress Boost

Request a one-time WordPress Boost that includes our 4 Step Health Check Process. You get these four one-time services + up to 3 HOURS of edits to your website content for one low price! 

This is a great way to get those quarterly website updates off your to do list.

Safely Update WordPress & Plugins

We use software that allows us to safely backup and update even the most neglected websites.

Website Files & Database Backup

Chances are if your website has been neglected for a while you probably don't know if you have a dependable backup of ALL of your website files.

Security Scan & Report

Websites that haven't been updated in a while are more at risk for malware attacks. We will scan your site for known viruses and malware.

Performance Scan & Report

This scan will let you know the status of your websites speed performance and ways to improve.

Peace of Mind

WordPress Maintenance Monthly Subscription

No long term contract.  65/mo.
Cancel anytime.

When you're website is essential to your cash flow, you can't afford to worry about broken links, plugins, sales processes, or unreliable backups. You need peace of mind that it will be online and available for your customers without interruption.

What we'll do for you...

- Weekly Software Updates (WordPress & Plugins)
- Reliable Daily Backups
- Security & Uptime Monitoring
- Performance Monitoring

- Scan for Broken Links & Repair
- Monthly Status Report
- Email Support Ticket Desk 

WordPress Websites

Quick Start & Done For You

How it Works

Step 1

Fill out the application and we will contact you with more information. You will have the opportunity to get any questions answered.

Step 2

Once you have chosen and paid for a plan you also select the template you want for your website along with page layouts, if you are going with the Quick Start Plus plan.

Now is also the time to schedule the project, giving yourself enough time to gather your branding items and content, if you haven't already.

Step 3

Our busy little beavers will be hard at work creating your new WordPress Website on our scheduled start date. As soon as we are finished and have done a quality check we'll schedule a time to review the finished product with you over the phone or Zoom.

Step 4

You will have two chances to make edits before we hand your shiny new website over to you!

Quick Start WordPress Website Options

When you need a WordPress website online fast this is your best bet! Our team can handle everything from a simple technical setup to a fully customized template with the branding elements and copy you provide. Or if you prefer to add the content yourself to economize even more, we have an option for that too!

Quick Start Install

Great for those who know how to get around in WordPress but don't want to hassle with the setup.

  • Installed in your web host acct.
  • Setup on your domain
  • Responsive theme installed
  • Your logo & colors
  • Standard site settings
  • Main navigation setup
  • Backup of final project
  • Live review of finished product
  • 48-72 hour turnaround

This version does not include setup of website content.


WordPress Starter

Perfect low cost solution that allows you to get to work marketing your new bog or website right away.

  • Installed in your web host acct.
  • Setup on your domain
  • Responsive theme installed
  • Your logo & colors
  • Standard site settings
  • Main navigation setup
  • Installation of up to 5 plugins
  • Add copy for 5 main site pages
  • Setup of blog categories & tags
  • Add up to 10 starter blog posts
  • Backup of final project
  • Live review of finished project
  • 14 day turnaround

Additional blog content can be added at an additional charge.