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If you’re wondering if a paid email newsletter is a viable business model or extra stream of revenue, I’m here to show you some examples of successful premium newsletters to be found on the webs today.

You have below a list showing the newsletter's niche, format, pricing and audience size. This should give you some great inspiration for developing your own ideas.

Perhaps you’ll even find one that interests you enough to subscribe.

DISCLAIMER:  The goal of this list is to show you current examples of successful premium newsletters. I'm not endorsing them or claiming to have subscribed to them. However, if you find something that interests you, that's great! They will not be paying me in any way if you do subscribe.

Snaxshot - Andrea Hernández

From Food & Wine… “Hernandez has positioned herself as a rebellious underdog: a product oracle with a playful streak. Free of obligations to brands, she's able to bring nuance to the snack conversation, calling out shameless culture vultures profiting off of repackaged heritage knowledge, commenting on designy packaging as if critiquing a runway show, and exploring the role of big marketing in hard-wiring millennial brains for lifelong snack addictions. In less than one year since it launched, Snaxshot has become the must-follow platform for those who want to snack better, and have fun while doing it.”

Category/Niche : consumer products
Format : text
Fee : €19/mo or €205/yr
Audience Size : 1,000 +
Platform : Substack

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Skill Sessions - Josh Spector

Each Skill Session is a one-hour video presentation featuring actions, templates, and strategies you can implement in minutes to help you better serve your audience, get clarity in your business, and boost your bottom line.

Category/Niche : marketing
Format : text  email
Fee : $350/yr for existing sessions and 6+ upcoming sessions for the year
Audience Size : 500 +
Platform : Convert Kit

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From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy

Essays, criticism, and interviews on food culture, media, and politics sent out on Monday morning. Paid subscribers receive additional posts on Fridays and have access to commenting, the recipe archive, and more.

Category/Niche : food culture, media, and politics
Format : weekly essays
Fee : €5/mo or €28/yr
Audience Size : 30,000 +
Platform : Substack

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Plant-Based Made Easy - Chef Daniella Malfitano

Chef Daniella Malfitano has a free weekly newsletter with recipes, plus a paid newsletter with an exclusive cookbook each month. Do you want good health, longer life, and a better world? All of this can be achieved by eating plant-based.

Category/Niche : plant-based cooking
Format : downloadable cookbooks
Fee : $10/mo or $15/cookbook
Audience Size : unknown
Platform : Convert Kit

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For The Record - Thao Nguyen

Thao is a songwriter, producer, and touring musician providing “backstage access,” featuring song requests, stories behind the lyrics, and behind-the-scenes footage from studio sessions.

Category/Niche : music
Format : behind-the-scenes text and video
Fee : $5/mo or $50/yr for 2 posts/wk
Audience Size : 2,000 +
Platform : Substack

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The Trauma Therapist Podcast - Guy Macpherson, PhD

Weekly news, interviews, and the stories of incredible people from the trauma field.

Category/Niche : trauma therapy
Format : audio or video
Fee : ungated content, but you can donate to support, either $5, $7 or $10/mo
Audience Size : unknown
Platform : Convert Kit

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Danny's Studio Notebook - Danny Gregory

Over the past 25 years, I’ve filled hundreds of sketchbooks. And now, each Tuesday, I take another volume off the shelf and share my stories, discoveries, trick and tips. I’ll show you what I did and how — to inspire and delight you.

Category/Niche : art learning
Format : audio or video
Fee : $7/mo
Audience Size : 600 +
Platform : Convert Kit

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Your Next Breakthrough - Mark Manson

Receive one idea, one question, and one exercise each week that could spark your next breakthrough. No fluff, no filler, no BS. Just five minutes each week that might change everything.

Category/Niche : life advice
Format : text email
Fee : $9.99/mo or $79/yr
Audience Size : 650,000
Platform : Convert Kit

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A-Mail Pro - Anna Codrea-Rado

Anna is a writer and journalist providing exclusive behind-the-scenes content, income reports, and secret draft links.

Category/Niche : freelancing advice
Format : reports
Fee : $5/mo or $33/yr
Audience Size : unknown
Platform : Substack

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That's all for now. I have many more examples that will be added here as time permits. If you know of an active premium newsletter that should be featured here, feel free to reach out to me.

Have you been inspired to start a paid newsletter of your own?  Let me know in the comments.

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