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So you have a shiny new free offer on your website to help you increase your email subscriber base and it’s optimized to convert. It is optimized isn’t it? If you’re not sure, get my worksheet here. It's probably not what you'd expect!

When it’s ready for prime-time we all know that just because it exists doesn’t mean people are going to flock to the page and start signing up for it.

Let’s look at some tried and true ways of attracting people to your opt-in offer.

Everyday Promotion on Auto-Pilot

Think about promotional tactics that you can set in place and let work in the background. Here are some examples to get you started.


Home Page

Add your lead magnet to your home page.

Blog Posts

Promote your free offer inside relevant blog posts or as a content upgrade.


Add an exit intent popup to your main website pages and blog.



Add a link to your offer in your email signature using an enticing call to action.


Ask Them to Share
Give your current subscribers a ‘no opt-in’ copy of the freebie and ask them to help you share the landing page with colleagues or friends if they find it useful.


Ask for reviews of your lead magnet and add those to your landing page. This request can be added to your lead magnet follow up series.

Try This at Live Events!

Create a QR code that leads to your sign up landing page, making it easier on you and more memorable for those who subscribe.

Traffic From Social Media

You need to mention your lead magnets as often as possible and in as many places as possible! If you have a budget for paid ads, social is a good place to do it. However, here are some free ways.

Schedule posts on a service like CoSchedule that allows you to share to your social media platforms on a regular basis. Set it once and it's hands free from there!


Business Page

Add a call to action to the top of your business page.

Group Page

Pin an invite to download your freebie to the top of your Facebook group.


About Section

Add a call to action to your Instagram bio. You now have 5 available link slots. Then in your posts and reels you can ask people to click on the link in your bio. 

Story Links

Add sticker links to all of your stories.

Use a Link Service

Because Instagram limits the amount of links you can have in your bio, try a service like Unfold or LinkTree that will only count as one link but once opened will display several important links. I found a nice video on YouTube for you that explains each of these methods on Instagram.


Add your lead magnet to your profile.

Video Post

Create a video pin that showcases a part of or screen shots of your freebie.

Freebie Board

Create a board that features all of your free opt-in offers.


About Section

Be sure you have appropriate links in your about section on YouTube.

Video Descriptions

Also be sure to put them in a link to opt-in landing page in your video descriptions. TubeSkills provides description templates here.

In Your Videos

Certainly if you are not doing so already, mention your freebie in your videos!


Pinned Post

Pin a post that leads to your landing page.

Use Video

Post a video that previews parts of your freebie. 

Trending Hashtags

Make use of relevant trending hashtags to attract people that are not yet following you.

Massive List Growth Methods

Viral Referral Campaigns

Referral campaigns are a great way to go viral. In the case of an opt-in offer you can ask the new subscriber on the confirmation page to share it on social media or refer a friend in order to unlock free access to a product or service related to your opt-in.

This can be done with a single share or they can unlock points required to qualify by performing different tasks in exchange for a prize upon earning pre-determined number of points.

Here are some tools that will help you manage that..

  • GrowSurf
  • UpViral
  • UnTorch
  • KingSumo
  • Wishpond

Joint Ventures

The key with join ventures is making sure that you are a good match for their audience and the freebie you promote is relevant and valuable to them. So either you’re looking for partners in that space or if you have to create something more relevant to them then do that, especially if they have the potential to bring lots of traffic to your offer.

  • Write guest posts for relevant blogs and share a call-to-action for your lead magnet
  • Participate in bundle and giveaway events
  • Podcast guest appearances where you can promote your lead magnet
  • Partner with influencers in your industry

Are you an Author?

Why not provide links to your free offers in your next book?

This can be done within the chapters and/or in a resources section.

When your book is providing valuable information people will love that you are providing extra resources to help them achieve a goal or get more information!

Key Takeaway: Take Action!

All of these ideas are effective, especially when combined. However, they can't all be done in a day or two so don't let yourself get overwhelmed.

Start with the 'Every-day Promotion on Auto-Pilot' section and once you have that in place you can take on one Social Media platform at a time.

This will free you up to consider some of the bigger project methods that will bring you massive list growth but require more effort.

You can do this!  

What's the alternative? Well, if you simply wait for people to come without being prompted, your nice new free offer will site collecting dust and what a waste that would be.

Happy list building! Enjoy the journey 🙂

Special thanks to wirestock on Freepik for use of the featured image!

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