Add Users to Your Accounts Securely

In order to fulfill a project service here at Provirtua, we will need access to accounts like email marketing service providers, website hosting/website admin, etc.

The safest way to do this is for the you to add us as a user in your accounts, which will prompt an email to be sent to us and allowing us to set up a private password.

We will then add it to our encrypted password manager. From this point forward our team members will be able to login without actually seeing password credentials.

You will have the ability to revoke our user access at the end of a project or keep it active in case you think you might use our services again.

Please create the user with the email address

Here are instructions on how to set up a user in WordPress, or ActiveCampaign, Mail Chimp, and Aweber.

Alternatively, we can set up a time to meet on Zoom where you can log in to your accounts privately and one of our representatives can set up a user account via screen sharing.

If you do not have the ability to add users to your account(s), please let us know at right away so we can make other secure arrangements to attain those login credentials.