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Google Calendar has so many great features and I imagine most of us don’t know even a third of those. Take a look to see how you might improve productivity and efficiency in your business.

1. Import from Other Calendars

Import events from Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Apple iCal and Gmail.

2. Search

Google’s search feature allows you to find a specific event quickly.

3. Mini Desktop Version

View a mini-calendar version from your desktop with a Google desktop gadget so that you don’t have to open your browser to view your agenda.

4. Get Weather Info

Preferences can be set to add weather info for US cities in order to plan your day better.

5. Email Notifications

Set up email notifications including a daily agenda that can be printed and kept in a convenient location.

6. Keep Track of Special Dates

Keep track of Birthday and other special days ahead of time and show that special someone that you are thinking about them.

7. SMS Reminders

Set your reminders via SMS leaving enough time to finish up with a current appointment or project and make the commute to your next appointment. Being late doesn’t leave a good impression. You probably have plenty of things on your to-do list and don’t need to get behind.

8. On The Go

Access your calendar via SMS when you are on the go. You can even add or change events with your mobile phone!

9. Promote Your Events

To promote your events to potential clients share your calendar in a gallery or include them in public event searches.

10. Share Activity Schedules

Share group activities like game schedules, networking events, or project milestones by placing an interactive, graphical version of your calendar into your personal website or blog.

11. Plan Your Next Family or Class Reunion

Share your calendar with family members. This way you can all view each other’s schedules side by side to plan your next reunion, anniversary or birthday party.

12. Save With Reminder Buttons

Allow people to save all or just a few of your events to their own calendar by using reminder buttons on your web page or blog.

13. Others Can Share Their Calendars With You

Friends or organizations can view your agenda and share their own calendar info with you.

14. Limit What Info Is Shared

Set limits on how much info can be shared and with whom. For example, you can allow a family member to see details about your daughter’s ballet recitals but not your more personal appointments.

15. Send and Track Invitations

This includes new invitations, replies, changes, and cancellations. Your friends or colleagues can post responses even if they don’t use Google Calendar.

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